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'Supp Dawg? The Blog.

  • Ways to Boost Your Dog's Health

    We all know that our dog's health should be a top priority, but many of us simply think a quality dog food and routine exercise are enough. Though those are two important factors in maintaining your pup's health and happiness, there could be gaps in their care that need to be addressed but sometimes go unnoticed.
  • Ways to Keep Your Pup Entertained While Socially Distancing

    Whether we like it or not, "social distancing" is our new normal for the next few weeks. When you're used to hitting the dog park every day or taking your pup to brunch on Sunday mornings, suddenly having to find ways to fill your (and your pups) time at home can be overwhelming.
  • 3 Homemade Dog Treats Perfect For Halloween

    Halloween is upon us! It's time to decide on costumes, which neighborhood parties to hit, and what tasty treats to make for the occasion
  • Ways to Keep You And Your Dog Healthy

    From diet trends to new cutting edge exercise regimes, making the choice to live a healthier lifestyle {for yourself and your pup!}
  • Healthiest Human Food For Dogs (And Foods to Stay Away From)

    We’ve always been told- “Don’t feed the dog from the table”. But, times are most certainly changing.
  • How to Make Sure Your Older Dog is Comfortable

    All puppies - with seemingly boundless energy in their younger years - eventually grow up to be senior dogs who require assistance to simply get...