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What is goodboy?

We created goodboy with the idea that all pups deserve to be happy and healthy! Sometimes we forget that our pups can really benefit from specialized support and attention for issues that their food alone can't provide. We offer supplements and vitamins that make your dog the best version of themselves, not only now, but for the future.


How do I get my pup started?

Getting your pup started is quick and easy! Simply take our short quiz here and let us get to know your best buddy a little bit more. From activity level to specific areas of focus, we will recommend a supplement we think is best from the answers you provide. A highly tailored and personalized plan, with your pup specifically in mind!

What types of supplements should I expect?

We offer a wide range of products that support all aspects of a healthy and happy pup. After taking our quiz we will recommend products based on your answers, but the option to switch between and add products you think will be best for your dog's specific needs will always be available.

How is the pricing structured?

Our formulas are priced individually and contain a monthly supply for an average sized dog (30 lbs.). Depending on the weight of your dog, the dosages can vary. We will set your dog up on an auto-delivery schedule according to their weight, making sure they never miss a day!

Can I add more than one pup to a plan?

Yes! Since every dog has special needs and concerns, we want to be sure each one gets the personalized attention they deserve. Simply fill out the quiz for each of your dogs and we will recommend the perfect formula according to their unique characteristics. Each pup's subscription will arrive in their own box, perfect for four-legged siblings who aren't too good at sharing.

Does this work for puppies too?

We do not recommend the use of our products for puppies under the age of 12 months. In the first year, puppies are growing and metabolizing at a crazy fast rate! For maximum benefit, we recommend you start using our products at one year. Sounds like the perfect birthday present though, right?


Where are your products made?

Our supplements and vitamins are all manufactured in the United States from US and globally sourced ingredients. You can be confident that our supplements contain a limited list of high quality ingredients and aren't pumped with unnecessary additives and fillers- only the good stuff and none of the bad stuff!

Where can I find specific ingredients and dosage information?

When you receive your shipments, each personalized supplement will include a complete list of all the ingredients. We will also include recommended dosages according to your dog's specific weight. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us here for assistance: bark@trygoodboy.com.

Should I be worried about interactions with other medications?

Our products are intended to be used in tandem with a healthy regular diet. Our supplements are the best way to provide total support and an added layer of protection for your pup's health! If your doggo is currently taking any other prescribed medications, we always recommend speaking with your veterinarian first to prevent the potential for adverse reactions.  

My pup hates taking pills. How do I get him/her to eat these daily?

Getting your dog to swallow a pill can be.....challenging, to say the least. That's why all of our supplements are soft-chews! The perfect size, texture, and flavor (did we forget to mention, BACON?) for easy daily dosages. They'll think our supplements are tasty treats and you'll feel great about giving them!


What is a goodboy subscription ?

Our subscription will ship on a schedule according to your pup's weight and dosage. Shipments will arrive based on the schedule indicated at checkout. Once selected, your dog's supply will be delivered like clockwork- you'll never run out again!

Can I change my delivery schedule?

You can adjust your delivery schedule at any time. If you discover that you need to change the frequency of your goodboy deliveries, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you find the perfect shipping schedule for your pupper's needs!

Can I pause the subscription and restart at a later date?

You can pause your subscription or delivery schedule at any time. Things happen, moving, job changes, money crunching...we get it! You can do this online through your account page or can reach out to us at bark@trygoodboy.com for additional assistance!

How do I cancel my subscription?

There are always other options! Try skipping a shipment or two. But, if you absolutely have to cancel, (even though we don't see why you would want to 😉) you can do that through your account page or by reaching out to us directly here: bark@trygoodboy.com

Is goodboy available without a subscription? 

We currently only offer goodboy products through our subscription service. However, you can always pause your subscription any time and come back at a later date. This is the perfect solution for those extra picky pupper's who can't commit.


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